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that secretary of state hillary clinton is in fact heading back to the united states with some 50 americans on board. you will remember our coverage earlier here on fox, the u.s. coast guard in fact flying her in on one of the aircraft this afternoon where she was to meet with the president of haiti and the prime minister. bringing aid to embassy workers in need of food and water and more aid to haiti. now we're getting word that the secretary of state hillary clinton leaving haiti, so a short visit there and taking some 50 americans with her. the mite of generosity will be bound by two former commander in chiefs. president clinton and president bush accepting the invitation to lead private measure and president obama saying the enlistment of his predecessor is inspired by the success of the relief effort after the 2004 tsunami that struck asia. clinton and g.h.w. bush headed that. despite the haiti tragedy, president bush and clinton today also focussing on the country's future prospects. >> there is just an unbelievable spirit amongst the haitian people. while the earthquake destroyed a l
to the united states from at least half a dozen countries that are considered high risk for terrorism. enhanced screening measures set to take effect as of midnight tonight. more on that in just a moment, but it comes just over a week after the failed bombing on a detroit bound flight and now, the president's top anti-terror advisors saying there was, quote, no smoking gun that could have alerted officials to the plot. the suspect is 23-year-old umar farouk abdul mutallab. he remains in federal custody. accused of trying to set off an explosive on flight 253. and yemen, where they're thought to have trained and armed him. the united states and united kingdom shutting down their embassies citing a terror threat from an al-qaeda affiliate. we have team coverage for you. laura ingle is standing by with a report on new security guidelines from the tsa and steve centanni live from hawaii as president obama gets set to address the terror plot once he returns to washington. but first to malini wilkes live in washington. good evening, malini. >> good evening, julie. today, road blocks are set up outsid
there by both the united states and yemen. according to the top u.s. commander in the region, general david petraeus, washington is now doubling security assistance to the country. combat forces there have been training with live fire exercises and mock raids. part of the beefed up efforts to fight insurgents. and this weekend, yemen's president says he's ready to open a dialog with al-qaeda fighters, but only if they're willing to renounce terrorism. greg palkot reports on the capital in yemen, greg? >> julie, we've only got a short time on the ground here in yemen, but already getting some strong impressions of the successes and the challenges on this new front, in the war on terror, first to the successes, our contact telling us here today that yemeni counterterrorism forces some trained by the u.s. rounded up seven more al-qaeda suspects in recent days and there have been others nabbed as well. this happened to the east of where we are in the capital of yemen, a hot bed of al-qaeda support, it is a very rugged country indeed. at the same time though, we're hearing from two other sources
humanity, for the united states of america. >> once the bill is priced out. >> julie: thank you, even as aid is pouring into haiti. more help is needed because of extreme demand, but getting assistance to those who need it is proving a difficult task. many of the injured waiting days to get treated and in some places, there's no where to put the dead. another live report from haiti next as fox reports tonight. this is the card that bought the saw... that cut the lumber... that built the extra space i needed to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic. introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink. go to chase what matters. [ male announcer ] say hello to the can-doers. ♪ the budget masters. the knockout artists who are finding more ways to spread their dollar further. to bolder color in less time. say hello to newer ideas and lowered prices, enabling more
with extremism and even the suspect's own father reported his son's suspicious activity to the united states. so what led umar farouk abdulmutallab to radical islam? contact and reaction from nigeria coming uppen up on thex report." we're looking into security lapse at one of the busiest airports. this oversight coming days before the failed plot to take down delta flight 253. the tsa launching an internal investigation after a security check point at dallas/ft. worth international airport was left unattended for an hour-and-a-half. we understand employees from the airport department of public safety were actually the ones who find the unsecured area during routine patrol. now the tsa is responding to the incident. laura ingle joins us to explain. >> hi, julie. the idea that anyone or anything could have passed through the security screening area for the 90 minutes is unsettling to say the least. if there is any good news to report it's that no one was hurt here. as many travelers know, dfw airport is massive. it covers more than 29 square miles and has 164,000 passengers who come in and out of
victims to the united states for medical care, but now word the military has stopped those airlifts because apparently of an apparent dispute over medical care cost. military spokesman says it appears some states were unwilling to approve transportation and basically the military can't supply patients here if there is no hospital willing to take them in. the airlift were suspended a day after florida governor charlie crist asked the federal government to help pay for care, saying the florida hospitals were stretched too thin. florida officials say today they do not know of any hospital in the state refusing patients evacuated from haiti. new word of a big announcement that could come from toyota an a recall that's take an toll on the reputation and affected millions of customers. a new report saying a fix could be in the works. as toyota gets clearance from the u.s. federal regulators to work on the problem. that story coming up. and a teacher gunned down in cold blood but then her alleged murder calling police to report the crime. and this tragedy gets more bizarre. more on the rel
details on several plots against the united states. and an inside look at the battle to root out terrorists in yemen. i'm julie banderas, we're live as "fox reports" tonight. he's the double agent who killed seven central intelligence agency operatives in a suicide attack on the u.s. coast, being recruited to spy on al-qaeda. >> gregg: tonight, brand new video released to be a warning from the bomber in his own words. ♪ ♪ >> julie: in the hills of yemen, new front in fight against terror in wake of concerns over a growing threat in the region. the security forces there are gearing up to flush extremists out. also tonight, a chilling new 911 call released in a horrific gun battle involving police and man with a history of domestic violence. plus, the deep freeze intensifies. frigid temperatures gripping much of the country. some parts seeing the mercury fall below zero. how cold will it get? we begin with fox urgent new details on motivation of double agent who launched one of the worst attacks against the c.i.a. in the agency's history. the homicide bombing coming against age
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)